New media partnership creates one-stop language services solution


A group of three leading media companies – Kommunicera Communications, Nordisk Undertext and TMP Media Group –have joined forces in a partnership that will simplify and streamline management of translation, subtitling and voiceover projects for a wide variety of languages.

“For some time now we’ve been fielding more and more inquiries from clients who are struggling to find a single-source solution for translation, subtitles and voiceovers,” says Kommunicera CEO Johan Laestadius. “We got in touch with our partners, Nordisk Undertext and sound production company TMP, to look at what a closer collaboration between us might look like. And that’s where we are now, which feels both exciting and positive.”

With three different skill sets but only one contact person, the companies hope to be able to work faster, more efficiently and pass on savings to their customers. “The expression ‘one stop shop for language services’ perfectly describes what we do,” says Calle Carlsson, project manager at TMP.

“All three of our companies have built up a wealth of expertise over many years, and are very much at home with major projects involving multiple languages. Combined with new technology, that makes us an interesting option for many types of customers both at home and abroad,” says Pelle Nauclér, CEO of Nordisk Undertext.

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